MMU and CDP Have Signed a Memorandum of Understanding

Marmara Municipalities Union has signed a memorandum of understanding with CDP, a global organization that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts. Capacity-building activities will be carried out for reporting and disclosing environmental data related to climate action for MMU member municipalities under the Project, and the environmental data sharing platform "CDP-ICLEI track" will be disseminated among MMU members.

CDP -formerly known as Carbon Disclosure Project- is a global not-for-profit charity that aims to encourage businesses and governments to measure, disclose, and ultimately reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impacts. CDP acts as a platform for companies to report their environmental data and performance, provides investors and other stakeholders with a standardized framework for assessing their sustainability practices. By collecting and analyzing this information, CDP creates a valuable source of environmental data that can be used to drive meaningful change toward a more sustainable economy. In addition to collecting data on greenhouse gas emissions, CDP also asks companies to report on their water and forest management practices, as well as their efforts to reduce waste and improve supply chain sustainability. The organization works with over 590 institutional investors, over 20.000 organizations and 1.100 cities, states, and regions around the world.

Learn more about CDP here: https://www.cdp.net/en


CPD-ICLEI Track is a joint initiative between CDP and ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) that supports local governments in their efforts to measure, monitor, and report on their greenhouse gas emissions and climate action plans. By using the platform, local governments can better understand their own carbon footprint and identify areas where they can make the most significant reductions in emissions. They can also use the data they collect to track their progress over time and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and climate action to their constituents, investors, and other stakeholders. CDP-ICLEI Track operates as a progress accountability mechanism for over 1.100 cities (including 15 cities from Türkiye) in their 8000+ undertakings regarding sustainability. Overall, the CPD-ICLEI Track platform plays a critical role in supporting local governments in their efforts to take meaningful action on climate change, and in creating a more sustainable and resilient future for their communities.

Learn more about CDP-ICLEI track here: https://www.cdp.net/en/cities

Via the reporting platform CDP-ICLEI Track, cities can access the Cities Climate Action Questionnaire and receive tailored feedback and recommendations for their reported climate goals and actions and a private CDP score based on an internationally agreed standard.

If you are a city beginning your work on climate action, it’s a great way to structure your city’s climate action planning and to prioritise tasks, due to the questionnaire’s holistic approach and feedback allowing you to step-by-step working your way up to the leadership level.

If you’re an advanced city, you can use the questionnaire to check whether you meet all international requirements and are fully TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) aligned.  Moreover, you can publicly showcase your leadership towards green investors. Kadıköy was the first Turkish district to enter CDP’s A list in 2022.

CDP-ICLEI Track is the One-Stop-Shop for reporting meaning you can simply respond to CDP’s questionnaire once and instruct CDP to share your data with the projects and initiatives of your interest (e.g. GCOM, WWF’s One Planet City Challenge, UN Cities Race to Zero and Race to Resilience). This keeps your reporting burden low and amplifies your city’s voice internationally with just one click.

For further information you can write an email to CDP’s Türkiye Engagement Officer ([email protected] – in English or Turkish!).

You can report your city’s climate actions between 5th of April - 25th of July 2023. If you aren’t a member yet, please register here. Please find a questionnaire sneak peek below.

2023 Questionnaire (English but you can respond in Turkish)

2023 Questionnaire Guidance

On CDP’s events page you find upcoming introductory and capacity building webinars.


Watch “Reporting for Climate Change” session of MARUF21 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nXFjQC4YAE


Cover image: Behance - HMY Sustainability