Marmara Municipalities Union Platforms Operating Regulation

ARTICLE 1- (1) The purpose of this Regulation is to establish the Marmara Municipalities Union Platforms and to determine their working principles and procedures.

ARTICLE 2- (1) This Regulation applies to the establishment, duties, agenda, assembly and operation of the Marmara Municipalities Union Platforms.

ARTICLE 3- (1) This Regulation has been drafted in accordance with the provisions of Articles 7 and 15 of the Marmara Municipalities Union Regulation.

ARTICLE 4- (1) The below terms in this Regulation shall have the following meanings;
a) Union: Marmara Municipalities Union,
b) Chairman: Chairman of the Marmara Municipalities Union,
c) Office of Chairman: Office of the Chairman of Marmara Municipalities Union,
d) Platform: An establishment within the body of Marmara Municipalities Union, whose working procedures and principles are determined within this Regulation,
e) Secretariat: Platform Secretariat established by Marmara Municipalities Union for each platform,
f) Member municipalities: Municipalities that are members of Marmara Municipalities Union.

Setting Up of Platforms
ARTICLE 5- (1) Platforms consist of managers of units that operate in the working areas of the platforms of member municipalities and/or authorized experts assigned by those unit managers. In addition, Mayors and Council Members can participate in platform activities they are interested in.

Duties of Platforms
ARTICLE 6- (1) Platforms are assigned duties, as to be evaluated by the Chairman, such as reviewing the issues that fall within the description of duty of the Union, developing medium and long-term strategies, identifying the problems arising from legislation and practices and offering relevant solutions, sharing and generalizing good practices, protecting the rights and interests of member municipalities and their employees, developing policies for local governments to increase their corporate capacities, and strengthening local democracy.

Cooperation and Joint Activities
ARTICLE 7- (1) With the participation of one or more of the member municipalities and if MMU approves, Platforms can work in collaboration with Public Institutions and Organizations, Professional Organizations, International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Universities, Local Authorities, Trade and Industrial Organizations or select private and legal persons in their respective field to open centers, to join in efforts for activities in areas such as culture, arts, education, science, technology, development, tourism production, and marketing, can produce, join in or support such projects.

Meeting Location and Time
ARTICLE 8- (1) Platform meetings are held at least once a year, taking into account the intensity of the agenda in terms of the platform’s work.
(2) The Chairman can always call the platform members for a meeting.
(3) The meeting place can be the headquarters of the Union or any suitable venues to be determined by the Secretariat.

Platform Meeting
ARTICLE 9- (1) The platform is summoned upon the call of the secretariat. Following the opening, the platform vice president can be selected from among the members to assist the platform president in managing the meeting.
(2) The meeting agenda is determined by the chairman who also takes into account the opinions of the members.
(3) Decisions taken at the meeting are accepted by majority of votes.
(4) The decisions taken are not binding for the Union but are rather considered as a guide.

Results of the Meetings
ARTICLE 10- (1) After the platform meeting, an information note evaluating the work is announced to the members by the platform secretariat via e-mail.

Platform Secretariat
ARTICLE 11- (1) The unit that carries out activities in the field of operation of the platform within the Marmara Municipalities Union is the secretariat of the platform.

Duties of the Secretariat
ARTICLE 12- (1) The duties of the secretariat are as follows:
a) monitoring the meeting attendances of the platform members,
b) preparing the platform budget,
c) presenting the platform work schedule for the approval of the President taking into account the platform meetings,
d) ensuring that the invitations are made on time, that the meeting agenda and documents are delivered to the Platform members,
d) following up the activities that members are responsible for carrying out within the platform,
e) providing the necessary environment and conditions to ensure the regular and efficient gathering and operating of the platform.

Platform Budget
ARTICLE 13- (1) The necessary expenditures for the platform works will be made from the budget of the Union within the bounds of possibility. Moreover, platform members or collaborating institutions and organizations can take a share in these expenses.

ARTICLE 14- (1) This Regulation enters into force on the date of it is adopted by the Union Council.

ARTICLE 15- (1) The provisions of this regulation are executed by the President.

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