Urban Technology and Innovation Center

Urban Technology and Innovation Center is a research and development center that conducts scientific and practical research and projects in the field of urban technologies, that develops products and methods, that produces information and provides consultancy.

UTC’s Goals



Creating a common platform for research, application and policy development efforts in the transition to an information society based on city technologies and systems,
Making the smart city concept and relevant applications widespread within the local governments,
Developing projects to meet the needs of cities, to equip the cities and to manage their problems with sustainable solutions,
Spreading the executed projects and reducing the waste of resources in the same projects being executed by different institutions,
Following and cooperating with national and international organizations in the field of city technology and systems,
Representing the municipality by attending national and international conferences and simultaneously conveying the innovations in the world to Turkey,
Developing new products, knowledge, know-how, techniques and methods in terms of smart cities.
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