Sustainability and Climate Change Center

Sustainability and Climate Change Center (SCC), conducts studies in the field of sustainability and climate change; focusing on transportation, energy and buildings, land use and biodiversity, water and wastewater, waste, agriculture and food without disregarding the notions of governance, finance and digitalization, and provides guidance and support to members in this regard.

For this intent, SCC;


Guides member municipalities of MMU on the localization of Sustainable Development Goals, supports their work in this area and contributes to the preparation of Voluntary Local Reviews (VLRs).


Develops policy recommendations at the urban and regional levels, especially in the fields of transportation, spatial planning, biodiversity, buildings, energy, water and wastewater, agriculture and food, waste management by analyzing the effects and consequences of climate change in the short, medium and long term.


Supports green and digital transformation, organizes joint events with the participation of different sectors, and publishes reports.


Conducts analysis, scientific studies and awareness-raising studies by following the global agenda and national targets.


Examines the effects of climate policy with its different dimensions, especially administrative, economic, legal, technological and social, and develops suggestions.


Develops cooperation with international networks and organizations on sustainability and climate change.


Develops holistic and comprehensive climate policy recommendations in collaboration with public institutions, private sector organizations, universities, professional organizations, think tanks, financial organizations, NGOs, international organizations and other relevant stakeholders.


Conducts research on the effects of sustainability and climate change policies on areas such as industry, agriculture, tourism, production, export and employment, and rewards and disseminates good practices in these areas.


Carries out studies to increase urban resilience towards climate change and disasters.

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