Disaster Coordination and Cooperation Center

Disaster Coordination and Cooperation Center (DCC) carries out the activities for effective and efficient management, monitoring, supervision, training and coordination of the facilities and capabilities of member municipalities in disaster and emergency situations.

The duties of Marmara Municipalities Union Disaster Coordination and Cooperation Center (DCC) include:

Ensuring the preparation and implementation of the Marmara Municipalities Union Disaster Coordination and Cooperation Plan (MDCCP),
Ensuring the collaboration between municipalities for contributing to and actively participating either as an operational force or logistic support in disaster and emergency situations that happen in Turkey or in the world, particularly within the boundaries of the municipalities that are members of MMU.
Ensuring the necessary coordination in effectively and efficiently providing all kinds of facilities and capabilities in disasters and emergencies, which the member municipalities already possess or are committed to provide at the disposal of natural or legal persons in need,
Carrying out the organization that will provide necessary and sufficient support in services such as search and rescue, fire-fighting, water discharge, duly disposal of hazardous chemicals, nutrition, temporary accommodation, infrastructure services, city cleaning, hygiene, debris removal, and psychological support that will be needed in disaster areas,
Providing consultancy to the relevant municipality for transporting and managing the teams of MMU, for keeping ready and sending to the disaster region the team that will ensure coordination with other institutions and organizations,
Ensuring the coordination and organization of the training and exercises required for the implementation of the Disaster Coordination and Cooperation Plan (MDCCP),
Assigning coordination and follow-up personnel within the Marmara Municipalities Union, collecting and publishing activity reports.
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