Data and Technology Center

Data and Technology Center (DTC) conducts research and publications in areas such as data and management, digitalization, smart cities and urban technologies, organizing awareness and competence-raising trainings and activities, disseminating good practices, ensuring effective cooperation, producing projects and developing the capacities of institutions in these areas.

For these purposes, Data and Technology Center;


Organizes national and international symposiums, congresses, conferences, panels, seminars, and workshops in the aforementioned fields and subjects.


Carries out the necessary efforts to raise awareness and develop competency in data management and evidence-based policy formulation.


Conducts studies for the data and resources prepared, collected and utilized by MMU for works and activities of MMU.


Prepares reports and benchmarking, and  produces indices based on urban data.


Takes place in existing networks of fields such as data, digitalization and smart cities, plays a role in creating needed networks, brings together and represents member municipalities in relevant networks.


Carries out the necessary studies to disseminate good practices by following current developments and studies at national and international level in relevant fields.


Builds bridges between different actors, organizes trainings and contributes to the provision of consultancy for the sharing of knowledge and experience on the issues needed in the relevant fields.

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