Urban Talks

Urban Talks is a series of conversations that enable the sharing of knowledge, experience and debates on issues that affect cities and societies such as urban space, transportation, environment, culture and arts, development, governance, social inclusion, and population movements. Urban Talks, which take place face to face, online or as a podcast, aim to convey the perspectives of different disciplines on urbanization issues.

March: Nurhan Atasoy | Istanbul in the 16th Century Through Matrakçı Nasuh’s Eyes
December: Dücane Cündioğlu | City and Memory; City and Sanctuary

January: Dücane Cündioğlu | Sanctuary Architecture and Symbolic Analysis; Sanctuary Architecture and Symbolic Analysis – II
February: Dücane Cündioğlu | City, Culture and Entertainment; Ibn Khaldun and the City
March: Dücane Cündioğlu | Ibn Khaldun and the City – II; Ibn Khaldun and the City – III
April: Dücane Cündioğlu | İlm-i Medeni (Social Sciences) (Πολιτική επιστήμη); “Insight” as a Cultural Phenomenon
May: Dücane Cündioğlu | Knowledge or Manners? (Etiquette); Extra-Society (Nevabit)
November: Hüsrev Hatemi | City, Poetry, Memory

February: Derviş Zaim | City and Cinema
April: Özlem Altınkaya Genel | Marmara Region in the context of the Regional Urbanization of Istanbul
September: Gil Penalosa | Livable Cities Through the Eyes of Children
November: Giuseppe Strappa | Ancient City as a Text: Interpreting the Transformation of Rome
December: Ruşen Keleş | Management of Local and Regional Communities

April: Seda Özen Bilgili | Outbreaks That Transformed Cities (I); Pinar Erkan | Outbreaks That Transformed Cities (II)
May: Aslı Ceylan Öner | Outbreaks That Transformed Cities (III); Zeynep Günay | Outbreaks That Transformed Cities (IV)

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