Kebikeç Seminars

This seminar series which sets out with questions such as “How works about books and libraries conducted in Turkey? How to suggest solutions to professional problems? ” aims to create a panorama of today’s different librarianship perspectives. The series include information about the models and traditions of librarianship in Turkey and in the world, various views on “books” as well as personal narratives on research methods.

A total of 18 seminars 4 of which were online were held within the scope of Kebikeç Seminars that was launched in 2017.  Over 30 speakers and nearly 4000 listeners attended the seminars.

What is Kebikeç?

The belief that enchanted objects brings specials powers to those people who carry them and help to protect them from trouble when necessary has also been reflected our books. One of these enchantments is “Yâ Hâfız Yâ Kebikeç”.  The “Yâ Kebikeç” seal, which we come across on the cover or the first page of many manuscripts was used as a type of enchantment on the cover of the book to protect the books from insects and moths. According to that, it is believed that Kebikeç is a legendary angel or a jinn that protects books from all kinds of insects, and when the insects are threatened with Kebikeç as written on the seal with the sentences “O worm, this book does not belong to you, do not damage someone else’s property!”,  the book worms who are scared of that angel or the jinn would not approach the book as soon as they see the name of their master on the book saying that “this book is protected by our master”.

1.SeminarRare Works and Cataloging of Rare WorksHüseyin Türkmen28.09.2017 
2.SeminarSecond Hand Book Trade and Second Hand Book SellersEmin Nedret İşli25.10.2017 
3.SeminarLibrary Services in Local Governments: Examples from World LibrariesBerrin Balkaş Yılmaz-Selçuk Aydın27.11.2017 
4. SeminarMemories of Books and LibrariesTurgut Kut 27.12.2017 
5. SeminarPaper Restoration and Application ExamplesNergis Ulu28.02.2018 
6. SeminarInscriptions and Tombstone InscriptionsSüleyman Berk23.03.2018 
7. SeminarUniversity and Research Libraries in TurkeyPervin Bezirci-İsmet Mazlumoğlu-Neslihan Sandal25.10.2018 
8. SeminarLibraries of Municipalities in TurkeyRamazan Minder-Arzu Kuzgun-Erkan Küp22.11.2018 
9. SeminarChildren’s Libraries in TurkeyAsiye Kakırman Yıldız, Asuman Nesibe Gök ve Ebru Bostancı27.12.2018 
10. SeminarLibraries of Special Interest in TurkeyÖzlem Gürkan ve Ertaç Nebioğlu17.01.2019 
11. SeminarSchool Libraries in TurkeySevgi Arıoğlu, Şule Yılmaz ve Hanife Yükcü21.02.2019 
12. SeminarLibraries of Manuscripts and Rare Books in TurkeyMenderes Velioğlu, Niyazi Ünver14.03.2019 
13. Seminar“University Libraries in Turkey” and “Manuscript and Rare Books Libraries in Turkey”Güssün Güneş-Ertuğrul Çimen – Sami Çukadar -Zeynep Atbaş-Muaz Ayhan Işık8.01.2020 
14. Seminar“Special Interest and Research Libraries in Turkey” and “Libraries of Municipalities in Turkey”Furkan Sevim-Mehdi Yenidoğan-Sanem Yardımcı-Nesrin Duran-Hêlin İlçek-Ayşe Sofioğlu27.02.2020 
15. Online SeminarUniversity Libraries in TurkeyEmine Gür, Tuna Can ve Dr. Ebru Kaya22.04.2020 
16. Online SeminarPublic Libraries in TurkeyAhmet Aldemir29.04.2020 
17. Online SeminarSpecial Interest and Research Libraries in TurkeyLorans Tanatar Baruh
Neşecan Uysal
18. Online SeminarPresidential National LibraryAyhan Tuğlu14.05.2020 
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