World City Network Meetings

Cities are places of production, consumption, trade and finance, of political and social relations, of culture and art, of innovation and reproduction. It is an undoubted fact that cities also play as key actors in areas where national governments and international organizations are active. On the other hand, cities tend to take the stage again as actors who can take on distinct functions regarding issues caused by or cannot be solved by national or supranational organizations.

It is safe to say that the age we are in is the “age of cities”. With their potential to direct the value and capital movements they produce, cities compete with each other and create important opportunities to their countries in the international arena. Moreover, urban diplomacy stands out as an effective tool for eliminating or reducing the effects of situations such as tensions at the international level due to political reasons, exclusion, discrimination, or xenophobia. In this context, it is acknowledged more and more every day that the mayors and cities taking more effective roles as diplomacy actors is one of the priority steps toward the solution.

It is crucial to transform the data stack compiled as a result of technology and innovation to have a structure that can be analyzed and compared by transforming it into meaningful sets, and to systemize this structure so that it can work as a whole and produce solutions.  On the other hand, although many comparison systems of cities are still operational, these systems need to be updated with new information, approaches and policies, and databases suitable for new needs should be created.

In this sense, World City Network Meetings address the relations between cities both on a global and regional scale from various perspectives such as globalization, the image of the city, the real estate market and the production of urban space, and also qualitative and quantitative research approaches, collection and visualization of city data, and data-based evaluation systems which are an important part of urban network works are dealt with.    

The first World City Network Meeting was “Globalization and City Networks Meeting” in 2018; the second was held in 2019 with the theme of “Change and Data Management”.

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