Training and Corporate Capacity Building

In line with the goals of increasing the quality and efficiency of the services provided by local administrations, of economic use of resources, revealing the existing potential, mobilizing and improving the resources in line with the goals and objectives of the institution, making the processes of selecting and training human resources qualified, Marmara Municipalities Union develops joint programs by collaborating with universities, public sector, private sector, non-governmental organizations and international experts.

In this context, the works undertaken include legislation in relation to local governments, personal development, advanced management, management and system development, examples of good practice as well as training activities to increase the knowledge, skills and competencies of the municipality employees and to solve the problems in practice.

The main goal of the trainings is to offer the trainings with a certain discipline and reward the participants with a certification, and to contribute to the corporate capacity development of the municipalities by increasing the qualifications of the municipal employees. In this context, a three-level training program is followed:

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